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Leads Groups

About Leads Groups

Leads Groups comprise of business representatives who meet regularly for the purpose of sharing leads and referrals. Participation in a Leads Group is a highly recommended way to grow your business.

Maintaining industry exclusivity, only one member in a business class may join a group. Each participant must be a Chamber member. A firm may have a representative in only one group.

Leads Group dues are $50 annually, renewing in January. They are pro-rated for a period of less than a year for new enrollments.

How to join a Leads Group
  • Review the Leads Rosters to assess eligibility (based on industry exclusivity). If in doubt, contact the facilitator.
  • Look for a meeting time that suits your schedule, and consider the complementary fit of the other businesses within each group.
  • Contact the facilitator to request an invitation to attend a meeting as a guest. You may visit each group two times before deciding to join.
  • Please Note: The invitation to attend as a guest is open to non-chamber members.
  • Once you have made visits and chosen a group, complete and submit an application to the group facilitator. The group will consider whether there are conflicts with competing industries, and your membership will be approved or declined by vote at the next meeting.
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