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Legacy Empire, LLC

Stacia Little, ACN Independent Business Owner, has been working with business partners in the local area to help residential and business clients save money on their core services they pay everyday such as electricity, natural gas, cell phones, TV, internet, home security and automation, and merchant payment processing. Since we do not advertise and work solely by word of mouth, we can keep the savings with our customers so they can see long term value on the services they can't live without at a price they LOVE!

ACN believes strongly in giving back to our communities and one way we do this is through Project Feeding Kids. ACN learned that over 17 million children here in North America do not know where their next meal is coming from, so ACN partnered with Project Feeding Kids to help end childhood hunger here at home. Each time someone becomes an ACN customer, ACN makes a donation, and a meal is provided to a child in need. It doesn't stop with a one-off donation, though. Every time a customer pays their select bills each month, month-after-month, ACN contributes more to Project Feeding Kids. The best part is, these are essential services that people already need and use every day - but as ACN customers, they're fighting childhood hunger at the same time!

Contact Stacia Little at (815) 739-9862 for more information on how I can help you save money on services you pay everyday.

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