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Special Offer Inside!
“I didn’t know this was possible!” was what I recently heard from a client and friend recently, and it wasn’t the first time. She is passionate about her business, but her financial reports were a mess and she was pulling out her hair every month with receipts and reports.

We had cleaned everything up and implemented a new system to help her more seamlessly tackle those weekly and monthly tasks and were reviewing her financial reports. She had actual reports she could read, understand, and use to make confident and clear decisions with the resources of her business. YES!

My turn to give back:
With a new year looming around the corner and the chaos of all that’s happened, I find myself wanting to give back to my local small business friends.

This offer is for you if:
• You’re passionate about what you’re doing.
• You struggle with your current financial system.
• Or, don’t have a real financial system in place.
• You feel the worst part of your week is that pile of receipts.
• You’re not sure how to categorize transactions.
• You want to have useful financial reports
• And want to understand how to utilize financial reporting within your business.
• You want to send everything off to your accountant ahead of the crowd, feeling confident and clear about where your business is at.

I believe in the power of Small Businesses:
Which is why I’m willing to invest my time in you.

Small businesses provide a backbone for our community and the best way I can think to give back this year, is by investing my time and energy in all of you! That’s why I’m offering the below:

Financial Focus Package at an exclusive price.
This special price will only be available during the months of November and December and is only open to members of the Yorkville Chamber of Commerce, or by referral from one of my local Business Partners!

This service is built to build confidence in the decision-making process by teaching practical strategies for managing your bookkeeping processes and assisting you in interpreting the actual data of your business.

This comprehensive review includes reporting on findings, training on recommended SOP’s, and a complete briefing with application strategies to help you plan and move ahead. This is a very “hands” on type of consultation and involves digging in to gather valuable information from your own data.

Special Price $495 (That’s more than 1/2 Off!)

This special price will only be available for a short time and on a first come, first serve basis. Business owners should plan for an initial 1 hour virtual consultation.

Learn more about Carin HERE.

To learn more about this special offer, text 630-277-7554 with the words “READY TO WIN” to schedule a call today!

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