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Plano Community Garden: A Record Year!

Woo Hoo!! The Plano Community Garden had a record year despite a bad start to the growing season. 7,476 was the official grand total for 2019 donated to the Kendall County Community Food Pantry. With all the rain this year, the weeds grow really well. But with the hard work of our volunteers we pulled weeds and found the plants.

It’s been a rough year not only do to rain and weeds but to the decision of a local retail store that decided not to help us with leftover seeds and other gardening stuff. In the past three years we have had a big name plant company decide that they would rather throw away destressed plants instead of donating them to the garden. Plus, this year a local retailer decided that they would rather throw away all seeds and other garden stuff instead of donating to the garden. Costing them about $700 a dumpster load.  The garden is known for using, recycling, and repurposing many items that the normal person might consider trash. Being an Illinois non-for-profit corporation and not a 501 3c, we rely on local businesses to help us out in any way that they can. We don’t get any money from the big box foundations, city, state or federal governments. Even one of the local banks has a promotional fund once a year but it’s only for 501 3c’s. Most of the time it’s our family and friends that donate to our cause.  Over the winter the garden will be looking for companies and groups to help us raise funds toward a mower/tractor that we so disparately need. This will be a $15,000-20,000 and two year fund raising event.  Donations can always be sent to P.O. Box 217, Plano, IL 60545. Anyone wishing to help us with a fund raiser can call Connie at (630) 552-0221.

The garden is on Facebook. During the winter we don’t have too much to say but if we get any responses to help us with fund raising over the winter that could change. So, please follow us on Facebook. You can also message us through Facebook. We always love to hear from people wanting to volunteer or donate to the garden. We do have plots available to the public besides the plots that we plant just for the KCCFP. The garden has three U of I Kendall County Master Gardeners that this year put in over 1,500 hours of volunteer time and that does not include any volunteer time by any of our many other gardeners.

This year we are trying something new. As a company or group, you can sponsor a pantry plot for a small or large donation. Your donation will help the garden buy seeds and plants for that plot. Plus we will put your companies logo on a stake at that plot stating that your company is sponsoring that pantry plot. The more you donate the larger the pantry plot that you sponsor.  If you are interested in sponsoring a plot for the pantry, call Connie at the number above. She will get you the information. This year Heartland Bank of Plano was the garden’s first pantry plot sponsor. Thank you Joel for your support. The garden also looks for volunteers to come help whenever possible. This year we had volunteers come out on a couple of Wednesday afternoons to help from the Midland Bank of Yorkville. We need to recognize Keller Farmstand, Red Bud Nursery and Windy Creek Nursery for the help that they provided us this year in either a donation or discount.

Remember the Plano Community Garden grows all this produce for the Kendall County Community Food Pantry with an all volunteer group. Please volunteer or donate.

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