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MetroNet: Contact me to review your options!

Businesses are being asked to close and we are being asked to distance ourselves from one another. As a service utility, myself and Metronet are here to help and to support you and your business.

We are all testing the limits of our business infrastructures while yourself and your employees might need to work from home or even increase your online presence for taking orders, receiving customer correspondence, video conferencing or even live streaming to social media for your customers.

I am available to review your options with you. Maybe you need to increase your upload bandwidth now that you are using the cloud more or uploading to social media? Do you need a static IP address so your employees can work from home? Metronet’s Hosted PBX phone service gives you the flexibility to make and take calls from anywhere using your business phone service.

Mickey Walker Metronet | Business Account Executive

Office: 630.345.6165

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