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July Business Luncheon

Photo Credit: Linda Bell, Songs of Life Photography Studio

Date: July 9, 2019

Topic: Seeing the Signs: Recognizing when our Coworkers Might Need Help

Presented by: Christopher Beamsley, Family Counseling Service

Most every one of us struggle at one time or another during our life with things like depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or grief. How do we recognize the signs when it comes to our co-workers, or even our kids or family members? What are the tell-tale signals we can look for? And if they are struggling, what can we do or say?

During his presentation, Chris Beamsley helped to identify some of the signs that someone might be struggling with as a mental health issue or an emotional problem, and offered advice on what you might do and say to help out.

Chris Beamsley is a site manager for Family Counseling Service. Family Counseling Service, a local behavioral health agency that serves 3,000 clients a year and just opened a second site in Kendal County.

Monthly luncheons are hosted by the W2W Committee.

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