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INSPRA Awards: Chamber and School Partnership Recognized

In recognition of their joint efforts coordinating and promoting Yorkville High School’s Field Experience Program, teacher Melissa Wojowski and the Yorkville Chamber’s executive director, Sherri Farley, were recognized at an awards luncheon in Bolingbrook on May 10.

Read full press release: INSPRA DSA press release 2019

From the awards program:

The Field Experience Program and Yorkville high School matches students with businesses within their field of interest to expand their coursework into a meaningful and relevant work experience. As the field experience coordinator, Teacher Melissa Wojowski must rely on her experience in marketing and communications. Melissa meets with all prospective and current participants to discuss their roles and responsibilities and expectations, and she oversees all communication to participating students and their parents. She also works directly with businesses to assign appropriate worksite locations, conduct trainings, and address all questions and concerns relating to the program. She also conducts a quarterly program review to ensure the program is meeting everyone’s expectations. Melissa ensures that students serve as a positive reflection of the district out in the community.

As the vital link between the school and prospective businesses, Yorkville Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sherri Farley relies on her knowledge of the local business community to find successful field experience matches. she regularly communicates to her membership about the program in both newsletters and in presentations. Sherri uses her influence to spark interest in participating in the program, and has one-on-one discussions with prospective business partners to share the district’s mission. Sherri also serves as a program participant, teacher her assigned students about non-profit business management.

Through this strong and successful partnership led by Melissa and Sherri, the Field Experience Program is expected to continue to grow and enhance the positive image of the district’s strong educational programming throughout the community.

Y115 recipients of INSPRA Distinguished Service Awards:

Community Member Alicia Lingane, Award of Excellence

Support Staff Member Cathy Anderson, Award of Excellence

Student Joshua Slavin, Award of Excellence

Parent Jorge Ayala, Award of Excellence

Field Experience Program: Melissa Wojowski & Sherri Farley, Award of Excellence

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