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Harmony Aesthetics: How much do you love your skin?

How much do you love your skin?

If you feel a little meh when you think about your skin, it might be time to turn things around. If your Valentine still isn’t sure what to get you, consider sending them this link. It might just be about time you treated yourself to a little extra pampering or some answers. A consultation or facial with an Esthetician gets you one on one time with a professional whom can give you feedback based on what they can see and feel on YOUR skin. Here are some of our favorite skincare services:

Skincare Consultation ($25) – One on one 20-30 minute appointment with a Licensed Esthetician. You skin will be cleansed and analyzed before a detailed customized plan of at-home or professional treatment recommendations will be outlined for you.

European Facial ($70) – This one hour facial is completely customized to the needs of your skin. This is perfect for anyone who needs some relaxation and rejuvenation or are looking for serious results.

Microcurrent Mini Facial ($55) –  This mini facial lasts about 30 minutes and includes a cleanse, microcurrent applied with a hydrating mask, serum, and moisturizer/SPF. Microcurrent uses low levels of safe, painless electrical impulses to help overly-tightened muscles to relax and help under-worked muscles to regain strength.  Microcurrent is a great natural, non-invasive treatment for facial lifting, tightening, and toning. Microcurrent works best as a cumulative treatment, which means a series of microcurrent mini facials will give you the greatest impact!

We have so many skincare services to choose from! Please call (331) 207-8149 or email Sandra with any questions!


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