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Grace Holistic Center for Education – Business Partnerships/Internships

The High School experience for students at Grace Holistic Center for Education is unlike that found at any other school in the area. Students not only learn how to incorporate things like mindfulness and yoga into their everyday lives, they also are encouraged to think deeply – taking facts learned in social studies and literature and applying them to their own lives.

To that end, Grace Holistic Center for Education, located at 210 Beaver Street in Yorkville, is seeking to partner with local businesses to give our students who are 16 years of age and older an internship experience unlike any other.

Since Grace Holistic Center for Education is so non-traditional in our approach, we would like students to begin to job shadow in businesses that pique their interests. We would like them to spend one afternoon per week with a business owner or worker to understand the ins and outs of the field of their interest.

We believe this real-world experience will offer our students unbridled access to their own future, giving them tools to decide the path(s) they wish to take in life long before that kind of experience is offered to their peers.

In turn for the cooperation of local businesses, Grace Holistic Center for Education will include those businesses on our marketing for fundraisers and events and will offer them prefered status for school purchases.

We look forward to hearing more from our future business partners.

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