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Farnsworth House:

The MIES Project: To Chicago From Berlin

Arina Dähnick, Photographer


Where: Barnsworth Gallery

Opening Preview: Sunday, August 4th, 2:30-5:30 PM. Refreshments provided.

Special presentation by Arina Dähnick

Exhibit Dates: August 6th – September 8th, during regular tour hours

Cost: Free Admission


Over the past seven years, Berlin-based photographer Arina Dähnick has used her Leica M-System camera to capture the special atmosphere that can only be experienced at Mies van der Rohe’s buildings around the world. The third Barnsworth Gallery exhibition of 2019, consisting of excerpted photographs from Fr. Dähnick’s upcoming book, will preview her Fall 2019 installation at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Crown Hall and the Goethe Institute.

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