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Business Luncheon: November 2021


Always a pleasure to have State Representative Keith Wheeler join us with his annual update from Springfield. Sharing his viewpoints on having to work collectively with the state government since the pandemic to adjust and adapt to the various new ways of getting routine business done along with new situations created from Covid-19 restrictions. Stating that Kendall was the #1 county in the state for getting vaccines out., he acknowledged that this was achieved by sharing good ideas with the proper channels to ensure the needed increase of doses available. Getting citizens vaccinated was not the only obstacle being faced. He accredited local collaboration with law enforcement and government officials both at the city and county levels, in the changing of laws to support the local businesses in the community.

Additionally, he stressed the importance of Springfield needing to work better for all of us, and when Democrats and Republicans work together it is best for all citizens. Representative Wheeler welcomed Q&A following his presentation and remained afterward to speak one on one with attendees.

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