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Business Connect Luncheon: Jeanie Martin


On a very warm day in June, the chamber and business community joined together at Kennedy Point Restuarant to hear from keynote speaker, Jeanie Martin. Jeanie is a speaker, trainer, mentor and motivator that took the time to speak on how to guide your organization out of crisis.

Touching on the multiple events of crisis that our country has experienced recently and how it may have affected our business community, she explained that it has left us emotionally exhausted and that it was time to recharge and restart. Jeanie mentions that we’re all hurting and there are certain actions we can take to better ourselves and others around us. She notes that we should be “extra”, don’t apologize for being the highest level of yourself. It’s time that we dive deeper, reaching out to others and getting to know them on a personal level. And finally, to create a culture we crave, to build the life and destiny we want.

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